Thoughts and Suggestions

Mar 2, 2014 at 7:39 AM
Hey! Wanted to pop in and say I found out about this watching one of ShyGuyExpress' many crazy hack videos and it sounded really fun. Downloaded and tried it out, and discovered that you'd added a whole bunch of stuff, including percentages and items!

Well I gave it a run with randomized items and 10% random doors (global), and it's been a crazy time and a lot of fun. So I wanted to pop in and say, first off, great work! I hope you keep working at it. If you are, here's my questions/suggestions:

Second: This is a pretty obvious question, but are you intending to allow numeric entry of the settings in future? I'd love to use a bunch of the item settings without any random doors, for example, or set up my own values for expansion quantities.

Third: It would be amazing if you could collab with the creator of the Item Randomizer! They've done a bunch of work to ensure the game isn't impossible on any given playthrough, but you've got this awesome whole config tool that let's me customize the random.

Fourth: Is it possible to figure out where items I haven't found yet are in a given seed? I've hit a wall and I'm pretty sure my seed turned out to be impossible to finish (requires suitless maridia with no speed boost and the upper entrance impassible due to a door loop). I'd love to see where it spawned the speed boost and my two suits!

And Finally, a small thing you're likely aware of: If you typo the filename of the file to pull the base from, it errors out and you have to start over. I'd love a simple "couldn't find file, try again?" fallback :)

Can't wait to see what you do!
Mar 8, 2014 at 10:37 PM
I'm taking a break from working on this, so there won't be any updates for a while (and the plans for the next update will be pretty intensive to work on.)

The main goal for the next update is to change the configuration from a command line interface to a GUI interface so you can enter your settings through checkmarks and numbers; that's the reason why item randomization is still very rigid, having the user enter every detail by text would require a lot of prompts.

I have been referencing the source code of the item randomizer for my version of the item randomizer, making sure the output can be completed is trickier with door randomization. It's also why backtracking is not recommended, I still need to design how the randomization takes place in that instance.

I can definitely add a list that outlines every item location, it'll take a bit of time to research the data for it.

Error handling will hopefully be much easier to handle once I get around to making a GUI interfance for it.

Thanks for the feedback!