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Project Description
This is a program that will randomize where each door in Super Metroid leads to, leading to a new, and possibly exciting, experience!

Thanks to the people at Metroid Construction (#metconst on and CloudIRC (#CloudIRC on for their invaluable resources on Super Metroid hacking!

Known Issues:
  • After fighting Kraid, the graphics will be jumbled up. This is caused by the game not unloading his tileset properly, because of the re-arranged doors (you have to exit normally to trigger the graphics properly.) This does not affect gameplay, and can be fixed by hard resetting the game (just hardsave somewhere.)
  • Some music transitions are messed up (mainly boss music), for the same reason as the Kraid graphic issue. The game wiill continue playing boss music in rooms without bosses after fighting bosses because the hardcoded cues that tell the game to change music have been shuffled.

  • Global vs. Local randomization. If Local randomization is selected, the program will shuffle doors so that rooms in the same region (Crateria, e.g.) lead to other rooms in the same region. The regions are:
    • Crateria
    • Brinstar
    • Wrecked Ship
    • Norfair
    • Lower Norfair
    • Maridia
    • Item Rooms (these are considered separate by the program.)
  • Backtracking option. Backtracking may be enabled, or disabled. If backtracking is enabled, returning through a door you exited will bring you to the original room you came from. In the current build, disabling backtracking gives a higher chance of being able to complete the game.
  • Percentage-based randomization. You can pick what percent of the doors are involved in the randomization process.
  • Item randomization! Now you can change where each item is picked up. The current options allow you to tweak the challenge in gameplay.
    • You can choose to remove certain unique items (Spazer Beam, Ice Beam, Screw Attack, etc.) and replace them with common items.
    • You can choose the ratio of common items, e.g. have a game with a lot of Super Missiles, or a balanced amount of all common items.
    • You can choose how much you receive from an item, e.g. have Energy Tanks give 200(!) energy if they're found in a Chozo ball, but only 50 energy if they're hidden.

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